Letter to one of my Ex’s; always the victim

I have been inspired to take my anger out on my blog and not on people them selves. I am now starting to write angry letters to my ex’s and jack asses I come across regularly. Here is one to the most recent.

Dear Mr. Always the victim,

I tried to end it amicably but instead you had to make your self out to be the victim. Did you ever think maybe that’s why you are so miserable with your life? Yea your wife cheated on you for five plus years but guess what you are not alone and actually look at the damn bright side at least it wasn’t 10, at least you did have to drag children through it! Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be upset that you lied to God’s face but maybe if you took your head out of your ass for thirty seconds you could see it could have been worse.

You are still hung up on your marriage and there is no way you can date anyone when you are still living in the past. There is no easy way to put that and I even told you that to your face. You keep tell people that I hate you, that I gave up, that I never want to speak to you again. You know what, right now you are right but when we went our separate ways I was more than willing to be a friend. I got so sick of hearing about how miserable your life is that no one can blame me for wanting out. Its life you jack ass and now you just sacrificed an extra year to your ex wife who already took ten years from you.

You bitched, whined and moaned so much that I stopped listening to you a month into us dating. You said your friends suck and never called you back, hmmmm maybe because they are sick of hearing you too. You complained about sex, well maybe had you not sucked at it you would have gotten it more. It is one thing to have a crooked penis but damn learn what to do with it. No woman wants to screw in missionary for four hours. To be taught you need to know that there is room for improvement and listen here there is plenty of room for improvement. People who work also do not want to be woken up with someone’s hand down their pants every night at three am when you wake up at five. Maybe besides not always bitching about your life you should also take others needs into thought. If you want to be selfish maybe you just need a fuck buddy but then again you have to know how to screw first.

You are so dependant on the opposite sex it is disturbing. Proving my point you are not over your marriage. Maybe you should see someone about that! You blame everyone else and never once did you look at yourself. I have never seen such a needy man in my life. You need everyone’s pity and that just makes you pathetic. You are a grown man so maybe having balls is something you should look into. If you want an adult relationship you need to be an adult first. How about you work on getting a pair of big boy pants, strap on boots and grow up and start living your damn life.

Warmest Regards,

Your ex who thinks you’re a pussy!


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