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On the trying path…

Ok so on this path of doing this writing thing, I know I am sucking, but I am making an effort. I promise. I just got a new mini netbook to try to do it more regular. It is called the Wolvol and it is ubber tiny. I will keep you posted on this…

BTW I am actually working on a big post AND I will have you know I have once again fell into love with my workout!



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Lets try this again….

Round 4 lets have a go at it.

I desperately want to be a writer, actually I just want to get my written word out there in some sort of format. I know like everything else it takes practice. I have thought I have had the motivation before but as I usually work I gave up or in my mind “I’ll do it tomorrow”.  I don’t think I have ever really owned up to my dreams and desires. I went to college for one of my dreams but after that it just go too hard. So I go all out for a few months then I let it die. This year I am bound and determined to not let my dreams slowly die. So excuse me but for the first few months I am going to do this even if it is not that awesome or great content.

I am also not going to let my other life pursuits die even if I have to go into blog world to find motivation. I know that everyday it is a fight to be the best person I can be but at least I am trying, right? I am sure people have different ideas on how to come by this or even how you should go about it. Well, I have always said I am my own person so I will have to find my own way, no matter the struggle I may have.

This week my goals are to write 3 times (two now) and compose a letter to a friend that I let fade away. To most people these things my not be tough but I  am horrible about my personal time management which is hilarious because in my work life that is something I pride myself on. Pride is over rated anyways. In case you care one of my other goals is to fall back in love with working out… like this and bettering my friendship abilities it is work in process.

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>Habitual goal setting

>I have come to the conclusion that I set to many goals for my self and have to start choosing which are important and which can just become hobbies that do not impede my life.

I have just realized that at the ripe old age of 26 I have way more goals than I have time to achieve them, or at least achieving them in my set time frame. One thing I really want to do is write and in order to write well one must write often and though I have been aware of this for years I have yet to follow through on it. Unfortunately writing is one of those aspiration I am not willing to let die which mean it has to become a habit. One of the goals I have to lose is achieving all I can at work. Work is just a job. By no means do I intend to have it become a career and I think I must start repeating that frequently to my self.

I think I am the only person who has this many goal at this young/ old of an age. I am sure most 60 year olds have their days planned to a T and I know that any child you ask will rattle off at least 6 professions they dream of most of them requiring 6+ years of school. How many people in their late 20’s have three different career goals requiring three degrees? This is not including the two they already have. I know it is the American dream to have the world and accomplish all you wildest desires but really how much is too much?

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