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Working Out 101…. ARGH

OK so it is the new year and we all know what that means, everybody wants to look like they belong on the bachelor and bachelorette. which means the gym are over crowded with the people who are just going to quit in a month (or less). I am all for people sticking with it and bettering their lives and health but you know what they say “hope in one hand shit in another see what fills first”. There are some who stick with it and that is awesome. I have worked in the fitness field for over 15 years and I know MANY success stories. Not as many as failures but I do see many people succeed. I think this is the right time to go over a few things, like how to behave in a gym. Some would call then rules I would like to think of them as gym etiquette. I know some people who can’t follow these and have been doing it for years. Those people are usually the ones that when you seen them people ignore them. Let get started…

1. Jumping in, work in, get in on that… all of those are phrases you should know and use. Those are terms for using the same equipment as you. If you need to use what someone is parked on just use your big kid voice and speak up.

2. No parking! Do not wait on equipment between sets. Someone else wants to use it and even if they don’t, pretend they do. It is good to act as if they do. You should get up and move around, its better for calorie burn and for your muscle tone, consider that free advice!

3. On that note… BEWARE of circuit training. Mind it, know it and know who does it. If you fuck up their sets they will get VERY pissy. Just ask if you can get in (see you know that  now)  they will tell you where they are in their sets. When you circuit train  it is very schedule oriented. You have set times and a set path. DON’T FUCK WITH IT!!!! Someone doing this is what inspired this post!

3. Don’t talk about food. It’s rude. Most people around you are hungry so talking about food is WRONG. Also, you are open yourself up to unsolicited advice. Trust me gym people all feel like they know all. Just go and peruse the other fitness blogs. No one knows all.

4. If you don’t know how to use something, ask. Don’t look like an ass. Ask someone who is being social who does not have earbuds in. They will be happy to help, as I said they probably think they know all anyways!

5. If you are a girl you are going to get stared at, get over yourself.

6. If you are a newbie avoid free weight rooms between 7-9. This is the hardcore time. I have been doing this a long time and I am just coming back from a lifting hiatus and I won’t lift then. You will get in the way and feel awkward leading to quitting so just stay where you belong.


If you have any questions on how to act or lingo please comment away…

If you have something to sound off on feel free….


Most importantly just don’t be a gym stat change your life find your goal, your healthy path and stay on it. Don’t be me and fall off!!! Lift on mother fuckers!!!!



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Why he wears a cowboy hat

He has four wheel drive not because it looks cute with his life style but because it is his lifestyle. He uses it to get through the weather when you can’t possible go to work. He needs it to haul his work load. He uses it to haul his fun time away from work. It is his pleasure to aid you in your weekend yard work or haul your play toys when he can but his four wheel drive works as hard he does all week long but he thanks you for noticing how well maintained it is. After all he will own this ‘vehicle’ until your unborn child graduates from high school.

He wears a cowboy hat to guard his neck and face from the sun. Twelve hours outside in the sun is an awful long time and leather only looks good on belts and shoes. He needs his skin for more than cosmetic reasons. He needs his health to maintain his family and house hold so he protects his skin when he can with that cowboy hat you use for show.

Those flannel shirts that keep going in and out of style he wears to protect him self from the elements. He is glad they look stellar on your hard worked bod but he needs them when bailing hay and shoveling shit. Field work shoots a lot at you and it is nice to have a shirt on your back light enough to wear without restraint but tough enough to take what is thrown at it. It keeps him warm on a breezy night or overcastted morning while you lay asleep. He never cares about the color only that it does its job as he does his.

His shirts are ripped because of the manual labor he works at daily. He never would rip a shirt to show the type of man he is. He doesn’t waste but are glad you can. His rips because they are old and worked hard. He wears what is comfortable not what is cool though he is glad you look to what he has help build for what is trendy now. Hard work is noble but then again he has known that since he was young. When sleeves come off it is because they restrain him not because his biceps look better without them. Looking at you he is glad you can afford the 20 dollar tee shirt to just dismantle it.

Those jeans you wear as dress pants he is glad he has his own pair. The nice ones without holes he wears out. To buy a pair with holes is out of the questions. He knows how the holes get in his jeans. Holes are a product of hard work. They are nothing to brag about but something all men should have. His jeans are faded from the sun and the pockets are ripped because a towel usually hangs in the back to keep the sweat from his eyes. Unlike you his wallet stays in his truck because there is no vending machine at his job. Everyday is jeans day because any other fabric is unsafe. Shorts and flip flops are only an accident waiting to happen from a city friend coming to visit never a clothing option.

His classic outfit is finished with those horrible boots; those boots that end up saving him every day. Doesn’t matter the maker all that matters is are they steel toed and are they warm in the winter. He is on his feet 12 hours a day and comes across things that most would never dream of. They are worn till he is forced to buy a new pair. They become comfortable and well worn like an old pair of running shoes. He probably can out run you in his boots. They are his best wing man when push comes to shove. He has worked well with them and they saved him much pain in the year(s) they spend together.

At the end of the day he can throw down with the best of them. His days are long and weekends longer. His idea of fun is not what you feel is fun. Sitting back with a cold one is all he needs. He chooses to hang out with his friends and that is quite enough. Ideally him and his friends will just sit around a fire or small bar and laugh. Sometime he heads out toward the rest of civilization where he has little place. He sees the world differently and can not understand why there is so much hype about so little to do. Why a beer costs so much or why a person has no idea who they really are. He knows who he is and what he does. He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t and more importantly he knows he still has things to do tomorrow, hangover or not. Really, his kind is why there are tailgates and why they are so comfortable.

After the long night out and the longer week of working he has his family. He remembers why there is family. If he is a world away from his family he misses them more than words can say. He watches his nieces and nephews grow, even if from a distances. He loves his siblings, no matter how much they still bicker. If he is married he wakes up to his wife and children, no matter how bad he wants to sleep just 15 minutes longer. He hasn’t seen them much all week and weekend is family time. The work he does all week long doesn’t define him but the time he puts in during his off time with his family and friends defines him as the man he truly is.

He is the man who is or was fighting for your right to speak your mind. He fights/fought for you to tell the world that he deserves to die because he picked his battalion over one civilian armed with a gun to HIS face. He fights/fought for your right to vote for whom ever YOU feel is the best man/woman for the job. He fights/fought for your right to your freedoms. He fight/fought for your right to voice your opinion on health care when he is still battling with PTSD or any other injury and can’t see someone at the VA because you don’t care enough about his rights or his entitlements that he truly fought for. He is the man who stands up for this country not because he should but because he wants to. This is his country and all he wants is his fair shake at life and he will fight for it as much on home soil as he would over seas.

Tonight I was out with friends and witnessed what the crowd turned into after the Kenny Chesney concert and I have to say I was shocked. Ten years ago I wore my boots to a bar with a baseball cap and was mocked relentlessly. I came from a long day in the sun but no one cared because I was not what was cool. Country has become the new trend. I can not express my happiness that people listen to songs about hard work, heartbreak and beer but I don’t like the fact that they now are ‘mocking’ the lifestyle. I know that I sound pretentious. I feel like I am one of those indie kids who shake their heads and say “They will never get the music”. I don’t give a damn if they ‘get’ the music. Give the good ole boys money. I am in. I will say; the good ole boys I know (even the most chauvinistic ones) would have had something to say about how these boys acted. They were grabbing women and being belligerent. It was disturbing on all levels. On top of which they all claimed to be ‘country’. Excuse me buddy you are in suburbia you are about as country as that Chihuahua’s shit is lying over on the tree lawn. Just for your information a country boy thinks the concept of a tree lawn is bull.

Those men from the country are real men where most will be boys at best. In ten years you will look back on this ‘fad’ you bought into and laugh at what you once thought was cool. I will still be proud to be country. I will be country after it was cool!

I am proud of the men who work hard in the fields of this great country. More than that I am proud of my friends and anyone who fight for the flag and the constitution it represents. Please stop mocking them because they are not a mere fad but they are the fabric in which this country was built.

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Another day bites the dust

I feel like everyday that goes by I am getting closer to my breaking point. I guess it never helps to be trapped in my house 29/7. For those of you can not figure out, that means way more time than needed! I am sick of the stupidity out there. Half the time I want to get out of my house, half the time I want to give up and lock myself in. I mean Ted Kaczynski did it half right. I wouldn’t send unmarked packages to unknowing persons to maim them. Just a shack on the outskirts with only my dog. The sad part is I get on a tangent and realize I need a drink! I need a drink like I need a hole in the head. I figure since short of a concrete block I can not be drowned (horrible grammar but you can go pound salt 🙂  ) I might as well do it to my problems. I would contemplate staying inside in my ever so chipper mood but what would come to the world if I let my cynical outlook be repressed so I let this day die but I assure you someone will be brought down in my misery!


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>Even Lifetime gave up…

>Lifetime movies are suppose to be the movies that inspire us to have happily ever after. Right now I am watching one called “Unanswered Prayers”. I know the whole song by Garth Brooks and when I sat down to watch it I was hoping for what I picture when I listen to that song. I watch this horribly written and poorly acted movies to have hope. A love that conquered all. One that beat that lost High School love and proved you can love better and more. One that chronicles a life of happiness and devotions and makes the past a mere blur. I just figured out that Lifetime has given up all hope for a perfect love. 

This movie chronicles a man who is married and his High School sweetheart comes back home after close to 20 years. Instead of not knowing her anymore he lies to his wife (or as men put it “not disclosing” everything) and meets her out for drinks, pool and then goes to her house for dinner and a night of swimming in a quarry and kissed his ex. He got caught. He cheated and lied. He, of course chooses his wife and in a sentimental attempt the other women shows up and tells her that her husband loves her, as in his wife. HE CHEATED HE LIED!! Lifetime can not except love and devotion!

What I think…No shit he loves his wife. Lies are lies. That is trust that is built up after years and he just blew a hole in it. Should a marriage end because of this, no. Does this happen in real life, yes. What happened to movies where it is perfect, where the skank from the past is forgotten and the loving wife and mother prevail? We know what difficulties every day relationships have. Real relationships that new mothers require sleep. Women begin to sag after ten years. Marriages that both parents have to work a mundane job with poor pay just to support one child and a two bedroom home. Why are love stories becoming so real? What happened to Cinderella?

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