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Why bitch?

As I try to keep bettering myself I am left wondering why so many people bitch about what’s wrong and never try to change?  I am just so sick of hearing what wrong and never hear people say how they are going to fix it and the steps they are going to take to do so!

Time for a true story. A couple of weeks ago I was at Name that Tune (don’t judge me I am lame and I like it that way!) and a person in our party (I wouldn’t even call him a friend if I was drunk) was complaining about his health. Well, he has Crohn’s and he had part of his bowls resected a few months ago. I told him I know someone who can help and gave him his card. Me and this chap (lets call him StupidO) have had many conversation about how he need to change his diet and he is either the DUMBEST person on earth or need to sue his doctor because he said no one has ever talked to him about his diet BUT he was given a diet to follow. I know is that hard to follow because I was in the conversation and wanted to hang myself just to get out of it. Well, anyways I gave him a number of someone who can help him. Yesterday he was bragging on Social Media he just ate 24 boneless wings! WTF never talk to me again on how you are always feeling ill!

My wonderful other-half does it on his weight all the time, shut up and do something.

I really want people to start taking ownership and fixing what is broken. Let me tell you it isn’t easy but at the end of the day you feel much better bettering yourself rather than bitching about what you have problems with. I think I am going to institute a new rule, I am only going to acknowledge you when you are complaining about something you are working on. Like when MM (name I am giving my otherhalf) bitches about his weight I will only engage him if he is actually doing something about it and I don’t think sneaking up at midnight for a peanut butter sandwich counts as productively working toward weight loss. I am serious, he did that last night. Or maybe I will just start being cruel like if StupidO (who is currently bumping uglys with my friend) starts whining about his health I will kindly just start writing his obituary on a napkin… OH and look then I am working on myself to, writing more!

I am really not a people person!


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Ringless, Quitness, The king with no crown….

People across the country cheered last night at the Mavericks win over the Heat. It was defiantly a slice into the ego of Lebron James Cleveland, Ohio’s enemy number one. The people in Cleveland take their sports very seriously and even more than that do they take pride in their city. Cleveland is a city packed full of culture and orange barrels. A lot of people leave the city because as unfortunate as it is the city is failing and slowly drowning. Once you are a Clevelander you are always a Clevelander. There are no accents in Cleveland which they have in common with every well trained broadcaster. There is great food in Cleveland, just watch the travel channel or food network. There is sports loyalty in Cleveland and don’t forget it! James left Cleveland as a lot of people do, he left for better opportunity and no one blames him for that. Cleveland is a city who watches the greats leave to get rings and trophies else where but those greats never forget the great city they once called home, some even come back after their careers end. The city has taken this beating before and it will again but James never was a true Clevelander.

James never wanted to be here he always had his sights set higher as a lot of people in Cleveland do. No one in Cleveland disrespects their city though. Complaints on the weather? Yes. Complaints on a lost sporting game? More frequently than anything. Not owning where you are from? NEVER. Betraying families and friends? When hell freezes over will a Clevelander do that to their own blood. James sported NY apparel where ever he went a travesty in Cleveland to say the least. He never claimed to be from Cleveland but always Akron, which is like saying you’re from Hendersonville, TN just a few miles out of Nashville. He packed up and left with out a good bye or a thank you.

Yes, Cleveland’s reaction to the Heat’s loss may seem a bit much to some but remember he quit Cleveland. He openly admitted to quitting in the playoffs and finals. He has shown no sportsmen like conduct in the past year and has shown no signs of maturity or consequence for his actions! Dan Gilbert paid his 100K for his letter. Where was James’ fine for not giving adequate notice to; New York, Chicago or Cleveland? As most of the nation would agree he got what was coming to him minus the few thousand who thinks what he did was OK. To them I say screw you. You are the type of people who quits their  jobs with no notice. The ones who stay on welfare because eight is too early to work and god forbid you work second or third shift. You are the people who wait till someone’s back is turned to stab them. If you can live like that that is fine, but most of us can’t.

Lebron James thinks him self to be a king, hero, an icon. I hate to break it to him but when your hometown disowns you and your first ’boss’ refers to you as “narcissistic, cowardly and disloyal” you will never be an icon. There are many icons that support Cleveland; Bernie Kosar, Jim Brown, Kenny Lofton, Bob Feller, Mark Price, Brad Daugherty and Austin Carr. Lebron James will never be held in the same respect as them. Cleveland doesn’t despise him for him leaving but for the way it was done and clearly they are not alone. Cleveland has become a punch line for any joke but what he did to the sport and to the city was so despicable every one from Letterman to Michael Jordan had something to say. He just proved to the country why is doesn’t always pays to stack the deck. He stacked the odds in his favor and still has nothing to show for it.  Congratulations Mr. James you are still a loser and Cleveland is still a far better place with out you. I hope for your sake and the sake of the sport of Basketball you learn how to play on a team and as a member of a team instead of having it manufactured for you.

To the city of Dallas; Cleveland owes you and thanks you for your ability to master the art of Basketball. You proved to three young, immature professional athletes that winning a championship takes more than talent. You proved that you put in more blood sweet and tears than the other team and your rings show it, if you question your win listen to James’ response to the Heat’s loss. He doesn’t care and is confidant the Heat did all they could, despite his lack of points in the final games. Don’t worry Bosh and Wade next year he will blame you then say he is not a one man team, after all history does repeat it’s self.

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Ability to take a joke?

I love how facebook has now turned into the new chat room. Where online bullying and political correctness has over shadowed what it was created and intended for. “Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” No where in that does it say for you to be judged or connected to ass holes that have no relevance to me or my life. I am now on the train to offend and speak freely and if you do not like what I am talking about, to, or what I post pound salt. I am fed up with social media but I am a fan of having access to my actual fans and a means to catch up with them on a regular basis. I am with my friend Dan on snappy retorts. I am not a politically correct person nor will I submit to that trend… here is what my beef is…

Realized Helen Keller was the perfect woman.

Girl who clearly can’t take a joke:

Of course from a man’s perspective something, as ignorant of a Helen Keller joke would sound appealing to someone with little education on the opposite sex. However, contrary to popular belief, most men would prefer a partner that is able t…o communicate clearly, can see the bigger picture, and be a teammate/teamplayer. Unfortunately, as a limited perspective as some have,… I believe the perfect woman is perfectly imperfect, loves unconditionally, and forgives but doesn’t forget. A good man, will see all the flaws and imperfections and love and cherish her anyways because he knows, she is perfectly imperfect!

Girl who clearly can’t take a joke:

By the way, the recipe for successful living is, love from the very bottom of their heart, give more than you take, and forgive always.


Actually, Helen Keller is equally funny on both sides. Yes, from a guys side or anyone who is looking for PC world and finds JOKES offensive would only see it as a slam on women since men wouldn’t have to hear her (since she couldn’t speak)…. Looking at it from the other side you can see that she would not have to see them, hear them or talk to them. Looking at it from a ‘educated woman’s’ stand point you would see all that she was the first person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree whom was blind and deaf. She was an accomplished writer and political activist as well. I do not personally follow her political beliefs but to be a woman activist in her time proves she was not just the woman who tactile signing was invented for but a role model for anyone who supports civil rights. Like all good jokes there are many facets to this one.

Dear Twat:

I am so sorry that you lack a sense of humor. I guess all that judging has forced you to give up on some of the benefits of being alive, like laughing. I am also sorry that the rock you live under has shifted and has released you on this world. You say what the key to happiness is but you leave out that there are boy bands older than you and that in your short, desperate life you have managed to join the Air Force (noble but you deny and avoid all conversations on it which only means you are nothing more than a peon or non excepting of the fact that you joined and have not learned anything from it) and that you have been married and divorced. Clearly your strive for imperfection is merely due to the fact that your own husband didn’t want to deal with you. You have made excuses for the failed marriage and not once took any blame for your self. Also showing how immature you are. Getting married young is not a flaw but leaving them and stock piling money on the side to move three blocks away is just cowardly.

You are the type of despicable girl who talks down to people and never has a leg to stand on. You have few friends and the few I have come across are not even friends they are what you call an annoyance. The people who watch you turn around just to stab you in the back. It must be nice to walk around in blinders and only see what you choose to see. The world is not that serious and some people enjoy a joke, like the person I was talking to before you put your worthless two cents in. I hope happiness finds you a deaf, blind guy who doesn’t have to hear your insentient bitching. Hope the next 25 years teaches you more than the past 24 have.

With warmest regards,

Someone who has learned about life a little and can laugh!

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>WGMG: Mothers and THEIR way!


As it is, tomorrow is Thanksgiving ( Are you not all glad I made you aware of this??) While reading one of my many favorite blogs Just a Girl a small but wonderful point was brought to my attention and since it is Wednesday and I vowed to make my Wednesdays about weekly things that grind my gears I figured in the spirit of the Holidays I will make it as light and humorous as humanly possible. So this week is is Mothers and their impossible “My way or the highway” out look especially with Holidays.

Is it me or is it a common feeling with mothers that all things MUST be the way they do them? Whether it is cooking, cleaning or personal beliefs; all of these must be done the way they do them or else…

OH the nagging, the silent treatment and then the look!! Which does not stop till someone complements you on a job well done then you become the child sent straight from the heavens and the sun now shines out your bum.

My moms can’t cook but pretends she knows how one should cook. These are the following rules…

  1. You only must use one pan
  2. Clean as you go
  3. Everything MUST be cooked at 450
  4. If it is not burnt and smoking it must not be done

MOM it is my space back off or the next time I cook I may just slip and throw a few laxatives in to your portion. I know there has been a few times with her cooking it has been a requirement unless of course you wish to wage war with your colon. Anywho…

Cleaning is her other nagging point if the throw pillow is not at the right angle on the couch the whole room is a mess. Holy Satan, Zeus and Buddha if there is one stray dog hair the earth may open up and I may at that moment be swallowed alive in to Hades.

These are just a few of my mothers “unique” sides. Also being the number one reason that I will NOT hold the Holidays at my house till I have children and can tell my mother were to shove her ridiculous standers. I will pray for those of you who will be entertaining the fam. Number one prayer going out to Little Miss Pissy (another awesome blog you must check out) this is her first one and because lists are cool.

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