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Pet Peeves

OK I am glad I am no longer bored all day long. I am ecstatic that I found an easy part-time job that is VERY flexible. I love that it has little to no stress. The one thing that is driving me nuts is how stupid the people I work with are. We are not talking ditsy or lack of common sense, STUPID AS ROCKS (sorry rocks). We are talking they probably worship Forest Gump for his genius. NO, I AM NOT KIDDING. The funny part is I always assumed people group with their own kind. The pretty with the pretty, the tall with the tall, the sport fanatic with the sports fanatic and now I know the idiots stay with the idiots.

I am not embellishing one bit when I say idiots. The smartest person I work with, the one whom I want to punch in the face the least is a HS teacher (by trade). Two weeks ago she asked me where Washington DC is?! YOU ARE A TEACHER! Shouldn’t you know that?! As I said she is the brightest by leaps and bounds. Maybe as bright as a frog, the ones that play on the road after a storm. Even the person I replaced, who they think was the next coming of God, was an idiot.  Really, she was about as intelligent as a slug, so yes she was smart compared to everyone else, minus the teacher who doesn’t know where the nations capitol is.  Her grammar was atrocious and I am not talking about writing . I know 10 year old who speak more correctly. How do you run an office and not know how to write a letter… OH and on that note WHO CAN NOT FIGURE OUT MILITARY TIME??

I know when it comes to intelligence I pretty high on my own horse but through the years I have learned that I need to accept all forms of intelligence, then laugh at them behind their back. I have even befriended the less intelligent. I found a few years back I was turning into Dr. Sheldon Cooper where I was constantly judging everyone else. Now I just judge those with no intelligence. What that means is I pretty much just judge those who I work with.

It is so bad that even though I am new I wish I was here by myself. There are simple, common sense things that no one does. No, before you start thinking I am judgmental and am out of line, it’s not just a common sense thing… NO ONE KNEW WHERE BRAZIL WAS! These are the type of people who think this is rocket science. I know 5 year olds who could do my job and most of them could out perform everyone else here. No, seriously a trained monkey could do this. Not only is being stupid a pet peeve of mine so is when you think you’re so worse off than everyone else.


OK I am now done venting…. What are your pet peeves?


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>YMCA antics and a turning point in thought

>WOW what a day. We just got a new operating system last week and it is great, that is if you know how to work a computer. For me and a few other staff it is a delight but having to work with over grown babies who hate change and never worked with a mouse it is a NIGHTMARE. I was blessed with the promotion which deals with helping everyone become acclimated with this system. I am about to blow up the server at this point. After one week of dealing with every one’s incessant whining and the impervious backlash I decided a night of hitting the hooch was inevitable. Word of wisdom if you have a hangover and anxiety issues getting wasted is not the answer. Today every staff member decided to come and stand in my space. They were all asking the same stupid questions and reaching over me. I could feel the vomit rising from the pits of my stomach and over heating by the moment now it was just time to control the intensity of the the anxiety attack which was already started. The part that was upsetting me was I was suppose to be doing the deposit and everyone knew it. It is kind of an important task. WHY CANT PEOPLE LET YOU WORK!!! Our dear 80yr old desk worker was in the middle of a windows induced breakdown, she just doesn’t get it. I guess she is just happy that she doesn’t have to worry about that damn bubonic plague any more 🙂
… Damn this is going to be a long post….
Anyways! So when all the panic was setting in one of my least favorite directors from another branch “happens” to come in. I really wish he had the same distaste for me as I do him. I guess I really do not dislike him he is just wet behind the ears and I do not do well with people who only know half of what they think they do. Since he is close to my age, ok closer to 21’s than mine but compared to most of our staff that is closer to death than 50 I guess we do fall in the same bracket. I of course throw all my anger, panic, sickness, and over all pissyness right at him. BANG right in his face and I didn’t even let up. This I do frequently with him, we shall call him MP. I have hung up on him, yelled at him, called him every name in the book. I figured hey it has worked thus far. The kid has to think I am the biggest whoha ever! Our new director, 2 short, happens to play ball with this lad and though he like to bust my balls about him knowing my distaste for MP’s attitude I figured that that was all it was, ball busting. 2 short decides to fill me in today, YEP looks like little mous here is on the fast track to the front page of the YMCA’s gossip page!

He points out that though he refers to him as my bf indeed MP wants to work towards that! 2 short tells me to look at it from the outside. MP drove 40 min to go to lunch with 2 short who he plays ball with every Wednesday night. MP call the branch when we all have emails plus he has 2 shorts cell phone number. He knows about my promotion and it is not like my promotion was in a mass email. I guess at lunch MP was talking with 2 short about how to move thing with a certain someone outside of a work relationship. He never said whom he was talking about but 2 short was positive it was me. He said every time they are together my named gets dropped and brought up more than anything including sports stats.

Here is the punch line of this whole giant joke of a day… before all of this was brought to my attention I shot off an email to MP apologizing for my actions and saying I wasn’t feeling well and just was not up for any guff today. You think 2 short could have given me a heads up about all of this before hand? So it looks like being evil has no effect on males and that one should really look at a situation from the outside in. Especially when dealing with a person that is young and incapable of adult interaction. Its not like I have ever done the *junior high thing where normal adult interaction has been lost. HA I guess maybe I should start to give MP a break because I have been there.

When I started on this tangent I was unsympathetic towards good old MP but getting it out has helped me look at his side. Pretty much my day just sucked and I should be thankful that someone out there may have a crush on me. Maybe we as people shouldn’t judge so harshly on someones actions maybe they are just doing a dance to get our attention.

*Adam has since left the Y and I have become normal again with normal adult interaction on a regular basis.

Quote of the day: I do not believe in intuition. When you get sudden flashes of perception, it is just the brain working faster than usual. But you have been getting ready to know it for a long time, when it comes, you feel you have known it always. – Katherine Ann Porter

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