Props to my home-boy/entity…God

My life has been on an upswing for the time being. I am not naïve and I know that this is not a how it is always going to be. Life is full of ups and downs, I know because I have had my fill of both. There is one entity I do have to give massive props to and I never forget my faith or love for him and his son. This one goes out to my father and my brother from another mother, Jesus. This post is for you God and your son. I am not a religious person by any means, but I do consider myself very spiritual. During Lent I am always made very aware of my commitment to God and his son. I respect anyone who has faith, even if it is not mine. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or anyone who has faith in a greater being, in my mind we are all in one boat. The only people I do question are the Atheists. I don’t understand their lack of faith and I don’t think I ever will. There have been many times in my life that the only person I could turn to was God, I feel if I didn’t have my faith I would be so alone and that scares me. I firmly believe in evolution and I firmly believe in God. See you can have it both ways.

I wanted to give God a shout out today because it is lent and tomorrow is a very somber day for anyone believing that Jesus was a great man. For all you ignorant people that is Islam, Judaism and to us Christians (obviously). He is OUR savior, in Islam he is the messiah and as for the Jews he was a great Jew so no matter what, Good Friday is still a somber day. We thank our soldiers for our freedoms on the 4th of July, Veteran’s day and Memorial Day. We give thanks for everything on Thanksgiving. We celebrate the coming of our lord on Christmas. We have to remember on Friday we mourn his death and on Sunday we need to be thankful of our souls.


Thank you God for all you have done. Thank you for my life, my love, my family, my friends and for my soul. Thank you for giving me life daily. Thank you for the hard lessons I have had to learn and thank you for the joy I have daily, the joys of watching Jack and Largo. The great children I have in my life that my friends have been blessed with. Oh and thank you loads for chicken wings, beer and football, MAJOR props on the last things, you did good homeboy!


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Its awesome being me

Everything in my life is changing and for once I have to say I love it. I have a new dude (whom I’m still not sure on), I have a new job and I have a whole new outlook on life. I feel refreshed.

Last week I started a new job which isn’t anything to write home about except they let me still work at my other job. See I walk a well to do dog and I LOVE it. I thought I loved the Y but what I loved was I knew everything about my job, I never was gun-hoe about what I was doing. Then again if your whole staff was under paid teenagers in charge of peoples lives you wouldn’t love it either. Walking Largo (the dog) is just part of it. First off he is an AWESOME dog, I have a dog so calling another dog awesome is hard to do. My mother even thinks he is a cool dog and she is in LOVE with her grandpuppy. I also take care of their Koi pond and their house when they aren’t home. I am not impressed with people who have money, 9 times out of 10 they work and sacrifice way to much for the monetary benefits.  This family is different. The mom is wonderful and like a second mother to me. The kids are fun and my age. The dad is a very hard worker and has missed out but knows now that it is time to make up for it all. Their house isn’t like a museum like most rich people. Don’t get me wrong it is awesome and huge but it is cozy and lived in. They have a second home in Key Largo (get the dogs name) which is very nice but the same as the one here, you aren’t afraid to walk around barefoot and open the refrigerator and stare in it hoping food appears. Their home here I can run around with Largo and play rough just as I can in Key Largo. The whole situation they have set up for me is FANTASTIC and when I had to look for a new job I dreaded I would have to forfeit them as my part time gig. The place I got hired at doesn’t want to conflict with my part time dog walking/house sitting gig! HOW FRICKEN AWESOME!

I only  have one small issue with my new job and that is how they feel what they do is SOOOO hard. They were worried I couldn’t multi task. I actually feel bad for the girl I am replacing because what they do isn’t that hard and she may have a very tough time elsewhere. They get all panic stricken when things don’t go perfect… clearly no one there has worked with kids. You figure it out and move on.

The boy, well so far so GREAT! I don’t like being this happy with someone because when you lie in bed at night you are always wondering when the shoe will drop. The one thing I can say is I now know what was missing from my life. True happiness. I never wanted to change anyone before so I ended up changing myself and giving on things I usually wouldn’t. Since we have known each other for awhile we already kind of knew and the fact we have tried talking before help us know each other a little better. We both have talked about how we knew we have always been attracted to each other but wish we knew how much chemistry we had.

I want to usually talk about food on Tuesdays but I am going out to dinner tonight with an old friend so if the food is great I’ll let you know!

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Hello NEW and IMPROVED life!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

There is a lot going on this weekend and guess what its not all on my DVR! Do you know what that means? I have a life again! Not only am I seeing someone who I don’t have to take everywhere with me but I have made a effort to be a better friend (See you the 19th missy, btw I can’t figure this skype thing out).

For  the first time in a year and a half I am back and better than ever. I wish it didn’t take a loser to make me realize what was wrong but I am kinda glad he did. Now I have been working on a few books for awhile now but I have been so against myself I have not had the drive to do anything with them so back to them I shall go. I am not good at writing and the only way to get better is to practice so I have started practicing again. What you haven’t seen me practicing the last few days? Well, I try to keep my dating struggles off this blog and it has failed sometime so if you care check out my other one A new road. My goal is to write one post a day minus weekends and when I feel confidant I will return to my books.

Not that anyone care what my weekend plans are but since I am female I will tell you anyways. I have happy hour at Moo’s house tonight (I love when my friends come up with nicknames for them selves so much easier) and Sorach has her wedding in a few months which I am going to it alone to avoid unnecessary drama (will explain on my other blog at another time) and we are doing invites tomorrow. I am going to try to have a day date with boy who will remain nameless (bwwrn from now until he earns his nickname) on Sunday. I am also going to hit the gym at least twice the next three days. I have a fricken life and great friends!

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Hiho Hiho back to the gym I go!

For the one or two people who read this who actually know me you may actually understand this post to any other lost soul who comes across this it may just seem like rambling. I started back at the gym this week. I am not out of shape for the general population but for me I am a bum. Since I stopped working at the Y I haven’t been back into a gym. I have been walking about 5-9 miles a day with Largo plus I have been somewhat keeping up with the Wi fit. On Monday I walked into the YMCA and started back on the road to fitness and let me tell you how much this sucks!

My legs are on fire and I only could do 20lbs on tricep extensions, lets not even get into how much I shoulder press or curl. After I was done I almost cried. When I left the Y I was skull crushing 65lbs, preacher curling 40 and squatting 200lbs. When I left the Y I was a force to be reckoned with and now I am just slightly above average and my weight is just normal. My BMI is average and so is my weight but I am not in the shape I am usually in.

SIGH… Its GYM TIME, where is Beth?

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Have you ever gotten laid…seriously?

Jeff Dunham does a whole bit on how gay Prius is, and he drives one. Jeff Dunham… gay go ahead and watch, I’ll be here when you are done. OK welcome back. What I want to point out is there are many gay cars out there and yes I mean gay. I love gay men, I think they are wonderful but usually they are feminine or limp wristted, how ever you cook your tatter tot is up to you. There are many cars that are quite feminine and that’s OK if its your deal. If you are a man and like women and have any of these following cars you better start lifting weights and doing anything else considered masculine because your car screams “I like my tatter tots covered in fudge”.

Lets start with the Prius since it is over covered in “what car will cock block you” topics.

I know I went for the most feminine color but if you own a Prius I hate to tell you that this is what the world perceives your car to look like. About ten years ago (or longer) owning a Prius made you cool and Eco friendly but now a lot of cars are hybrid and most of them look far better than the Prius. Hell, if you can afford it you can even buy an SUV. I understand the gas mileage and how dang trendy they are but it is only trendy because you don’t realize your friends are laughing behind your back and they really don’t care about the great mileage because the other 50 hybrids in the parking lot boast the same features and hell the kid with the lowered Honda Civic (who is probably a tool) has great gas mileage too! No way around it your car sucks and looks like an over priced tampon.

Bad trend... do not buy in!

New trend alert the Smart Car not only does this one have ubber homosexual tendencies but it is by far the one I loathe most. If you are a man you should at least be able to cop-a-feel in your car and unless you are a little orange man from Loompaland or Danny DeVitto this task is impossible. Plus, this stupid car and its horrific drivers seem to think it can out run any other car on the freeway. I will run your tiny ass over as a hummer would AND I only drive a Jeep. The newest types of golf carts are larger than this mini hot wheel and a three year old riding a big wheel has more horse power. All this car will say about you is “I like getting rammed in the ass end” NOT because you like fudge tatter tots but because we can’t see you when we pull into a parking spot until it’s too late and we are already pulling our insurance card and finding a scrap piece of paper you leave our information on it with the number with for a local cab company because you car is now useless!

This one pains me to admit is on the list because it has by far the best commercials. Who doesn’t love dancing hamsters?

Party rock!

The problem with the Kia Soul is 1. it looks like a mini toaster oven. 2. it comes in ridiculous colors 3. it does not come with the thugish hamsters. Its a Kia and they are cheap cars though they are probably great for the cost but they try to make them seem trendy and cool. We all know they are cheap and you can tell because the whole buy one get one free. Here in Cleveland they even will be free if the Browns close out the Steelers. I hate to tell you but they are not cool and the colors will match any trendy pair of shoes or Ed Hardy shits. All you need to drive one of these is a boy friend and have beaddazzeled jeans. Sorry Hamsters but you can’t even fix this problem but please continue to bust a move for it!


The Ford Fiesta… Party on car! Yea, this one has never and will never been cool though its name sounds like a hip party environment. Once again this comes in obscene colors and none of which are flattering. VOmit looks good on nothing, including a car! This is now a throw back car, I guess the fact that leggins and neon colors are back so must the cars from the eighties. They couldn’t bring back Kit or the DeLorean, we get the fiesta. Nothing scream stuck in time like driving this wonder car. You would save face if you just bought an old one. Driving this means no  nut or likes little boys nuts….


Driving an implant

The bug is the car that never seems to go away. If you are a man and drive this and keep telling people “but it has a turbo” GO BUY AN EVO!  Evo aren’t un gay but they don’t look like a silicone implant! You don’t see it, look at JWOWW’s boob… its a fricken mini bug! You can not be a man and only be able to fit midgets in the back seat! I am not a big person and I don’t even fit in back. If you are all hippie dippy liberal buy an old VW bus or another beater do not but this. It screams this is my moms car or my boy friend is out grocery shopping!


Now on to the really pricey cars that will have people looking but wondering the team on which you service. First one up…

Pick a bigger car!

This has nothing good to say beside you make good money but any car brand can say that about you unless you come with a dead sexy British accent. Yep, this care is culturest, if you don’t talk like Prince William you better pick a Audi or BMW. It is showy and small. If you are trying to boast about your income pick something else, when women see this we see diamonds and small wieners. The diamonds will only get you so far unless you are open to a cheating woman. If you want a car for your dogsled team to practice pulling as you keep warm buy away just don’t tell the women folk you own one!

So I bet you didn’t think you were going to see a hummer on this list. This is a SUV that screams over compensating for something else. I am going to assume you know what I am thinking. Buy a real SUV. This is the mini of the epitome of what a manly car is which is pointing to the idea that its grandson the H3 is only living in its shadow! If you own this car you may want to start questioning yourself because you didn’t know how sad this machine is.

What are you saying about...

I hate to ruin your night if you happen to drive one of these if you have a penis and like women. At least you know what the snickering behind your back is!

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On the hunt again…


My contract is up…. that means its time again to start on another job hunt so today was filled with updating resumes. Good it sucks. I hate updating those things it just makes me ill! I know its a big part of being a grown up but it is a part I can’t stand. It all feels so fake. I am suppose to talk up everything I have ever done. After a day of staring at a computer the last thing I want to do is sit down and type about anything. I really wish I liked junk food because all I want to do now is dive into my couch, curl up with the huge mutt and die. I feel like its an endless circle. The only job I have ever enjoyed was when I was in hell at the Y and they ass raped me in the end :(. I just want to find love in my career…   

Words of advice if you have a bio major turn back and rethink your choice now before its too late!

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Tuna Noodle Tuesday!

Who really needs to see this?


So I plan on writing about food on Tuesdays. I am sorry but posting pictures of food is not something that you will find. What I think about food and beers or what I cook that knocks my socks off is what you will find. I can’t lie I hate when people take ridiculous pictures of food. Your everyday cook’s food usually looks more like mush than masterpiece but DAMN it tastes wonderful. If you try for the pretty food then you are holding yourself to a crazy standard.




NOTE: I am not in this picture

I am no Julia Child or Michael Simon. I actually have taught myself how to cook and also what the finer beers taste like. Both have been event worth watching, for different reasons! I have caught an 18 lb turkey on fire (on thanksgiving) and well I can’t remember how I learned so much about beer (job hazard). Through the years I have become a foodie. Thanks to my buddy Beth I even discovered Bacon and thanks to Rachel I have made it a staple. My thought behind Tuesday food day is Tuesdays suck! Food is awesome! Beer is da Bomb! To make Tuesday easier to swallow I shall dub it Food day.


I am an old soul

This Tuesday is an easy one. I made a rocking Tuna Noodle Casserole. I know, how grandma of me but I wasn’t in the mood to slave in the kitchen and too my surprise it was not like my mother or grandmothers TNC mine was delicious, oh yeah and edible. Best part was I figure you can easily make it into CNC (Chicken Noodle Casserole). The boy does not like sea food because it poops in the water making him believe that fish live in their own waste. NO, I swear I am not dating an eight year old. I am sure there will be a lot of talk about what he doesn’t eat. Like a small child if he chooses not to eat he can make his own cereal! 


What you need:

½ box of small shells

1 can of tuna OR chicken

1 can of cream of chicken

1 small can mushrooms (boy doesn’t eat that either, fungus)

1 can of milk           

 Pinch of salt and pepper

½ tsp of minced onions

1 ½ cup of Cheese (use what you like I used Sargento’s 4 cheese Italian and it was great)

Frozen Peas (I didn’t have any but throw em in if you have them!)



Preheat oven to 350

Cook noodles to al dente (about 1-2 minutes shorter than you usually cook them for)

Mix everything but cheese into a casserole bowl or dish

Add ½ the cheese stirring it in

Spread the rest of the cheese on top

Bake for 30 min




Enjoy the time you didn’t spend slaving over the oven and try not to lick your plate!

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