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Working Out 101…. ARGH

OK so it is the new year and we all know what that means, everybody wants to look like they belong on the bachelor and bachelorette. which means the gym are over crowded with the people who are just going to quit in a month (or less). I am all for people sticking with it and bettering their lives and health but you know what they say “hope in one hand shit in another see what fills first”. There are some who stick with it and that is awesome. I have worked in the fitness field for over 15 years and I know MANY success stories. Not as many as failures but I do see many people succeed. I think this is the right time to go over a few things, like how to behave in a gym. Some would call then rules I would like to think of them as gym etiquette. I know some people who can’t follow these and have been doing it for years. Those people are usually the ones that when you seen them people ignore them. Let get started…

1. Jumping in, work in, get in on that… all of those are phrases you should know and use. Those are terms for using the same equipment as you. If you need to use what someone is parked on just use your big kid voice and speak up.

2. No parking! Do not wait on equipment between sets. Someone else wants to use it and even if they don’t, pretend they do. It is good to act as if they do. You should get up and move around, its better for calorie burn and for your muscle tone, consider that free advice!

3. On that note… BEWARE of circuit training. Mind it, know it and know who does it. If you fuck up their sets they will get VERY pissy. Just ask if you can get in (see you know that  now)  they will tell you where they are in their sets. When you circuit train  it is very schedule oriented. You have set times and a set path. DON’T FUCK WITH IT!!!! Someone doing this is what inspired this post!

3. Don’t talk about food. It’s rude. Most people around you are hungry so talking about food is WRONG. Also, you are open yourself up to unsolicited advice. Trust me gym people all feel like they know all. Just go and peruse the other fitness blogs. No one knows all.

4. If you don’t know how to use something, ask. Don’t look like an ass. Ask someone who is being social who does not have earbuds in. They will be happy to help, as I said they probably think they know all anyways!

5. If you are a girl you are going to get stared at, get over yourself.

6. If you are a newbie avoid free weight rooms between 7-9. This is the hardcore time. I have been doing this a long time and I am just coming back from a lifting hiatus and I won’t lift then. You will get in the way and feel awkward leading to quitting so just stay where you belong.


If you have any questions on how to act or lingo please comment away…

If you have something to sound off on feel free….


Most importantly just don’t be a gym stat change your life find your goal, your healthy path and stay on it. Don’t be me and fall off!!! Lift on mother fuckers!!!!



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