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Why bitch?

As I try to keep bettering myself I am left wondering why so many people bitch about what’s wrong and never try to change?  I am just so sick of hearing what wrong and never hear people say how they are going to fix it and the steps they are going to take to do so!

Time for a true story. A couple of weeks ago I was at Name that Tune (don’t judge me I am lame and I like it that way!) and a person in our party (I wouldn’t even call him a friend if I was drunk) was complaining about his health. Well, he has Crohn’s and he had part of his bowls resected a few months ago. I told him I know someone who can help and gave him his card. Me and this chap (lets call him StupidO) have had many conversation about how he need to change his diet and he is either the DUMBEST person on earth or need to sue his doctor because he said no one has ever talked to him about his diet BUT he was given a diet to follow. I know is that hard to follow because I was in the conversation and wanted to hang myself just to get out of it. Well, anyways I gave him a number of someone who can help him. Yesterday he was bragging on Social Media he just ate 24 boneless wings! WTF never talk to me again on how you are always feeling ill!

My wonderful other-half does it on his weight all the time, shut up and do something.

I really want people to start taking ownership and fixing what is broken. Let me tell you it isn’t easy but at the end of the day you feel much better bettering yourself rather than bitching about what you have problems with. I think I am going to institute a new rule, I am only going to acknowledge you when you are complaining about something you are working on. Like when MM (name I am giving my otherhalf) bitches about his weight I will only engage him if he is actually doing something about it and I don’t think sneaking up at midnight for a peanut butter sandwich counts as productively working toward weight loss. I am serious, he did that last night. Or maybe I will just start being cruel like if StupidO (who is currently bumping uglys with my friend) starts whining about his health I will kindly just start writing his obituary on a napkin… OH and look then I am working on myself to, writing more!

I am really not a people person!


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Lets try this again….

Round 4 lets have a go at it.

I desperately want to be a writer, actually I just want to get my written word out there in some sort of format. I know like everything else it takes practice. I have thought I have had the motivation before but as I usually work I gave up or in my mind “I’ll do it tomorrow”.  I don’t think I have ever really owned up to my dreams and desires. I went to college for one of my dreams but after that it just go too hard. So I go all out for a few months then I let it die. This year I am bound and determined to not let my dreams slowly die. So excuse me but for the first few months I am going to do this even if it is not that awesome or great content.

I am also not going to let my other life pursuits die even if I have to go into blog world to find motivation. I know that everyday it is a fight to be the best person I can be but at least I am trying, right? I am sure people have different ideas on how to come by this or even how you should go about it. Well, I have always said I am my own person so I will have to find my own way, no matter the struggle I may have.

This week my goals are to write 3 times (two now) and compose a letter to a friend that I let fade away. To most people these things my not be tough but I  am horrible about my personal time management which is hilarious because in my work life that is something I pride myself on. Pride is over rated anyways. In case you care one of my other goals is to fall back in love with working out… like this and bettering my friendship abilities it is work in process.

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Hello NEW and IMPROVED life!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

There is a lot going on this weekend and guess what its not all on my DVR! Do you know what that means? I have a life again! Not only am I seeing someone who I don’t have to take everywhere with me but I have made a effort to be a better friend (See you the 19th missy, btw I can’t figure this skype thing out).

For  the first time in a year and a half I am back and better than ever. I wish it didn’t take a loser to make me realize what was wrong but I am kinda glad he did. Now I have been working on a few books for awhile now but I have been so against myself I have not had the drive to do anything with them so back to them I shall go. I am not good at writing and the only way to get better is to practice so I have started practicing again. What you haven’t seen me practicing the last few days? Well, I try to keep my dating struggles off this blog and it has failed sometime so if you care check out my other one A new road. My goal is to write one post a day minus weekends and when I feel confidant I will return to my books.

Not that anyone care what my weekend plans are but since I am female I will tell you anyways. I have happy hour at Moo’s house tonight (I love when my friends come up with nicknames for them selves so much easier) and Sorach has her wedding in a few months which I am going to it alone to avoid unnecessary drama (will explain on my other blog at another time) and we are doing invites tomorrow. I am going to try to have a day date with boy who will remain nameless (bwwrn from now until he earns his nickname) on Sunday. I am also going to hit the gym at least twice the next three days. I have a fricken life and great friends!

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Politician admits to being wrong… NO JOKE

I was on everyone’s favorite social networking site today and read one of my friend’s posts. She is an elected official for a city pretty close to me. Now, she is one of those people who is actually a friend. I have known her prior to her civil service. I am also well acquainted with her family. She actually got into politics for all the right reasons and has stuck to her guns on her beliefs. GOD BLESS HER. She serves her whole community, even those not of her party. I know her and I don’t see eye to eye on politics and our party lines but she has never let that stop her from listening to my input. Proving she is out for the good of all and not just her party.

I have a few problems with politicians besides the corruption issues. One of them is they tend to start serving their selves and forget who got them there. HELLO my number one problem with Obama is he isn’t listening to the American public. Screw what he thinks of republicans or democrats or who gets the blame this week. His approval rating is in the tank because he isn’t listening to the masses. We are his boss not his party. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed.” – Declaration of Independence. We the people empower you not the other way around. Yes, I get they need money to run but elected officials in general take that oath to swear loyalty to the United States and its citizens not the pockets of those who can cut them a check for a million. My friend has never forgotten who she serves. She has an open door and is constantly in and around the community. She stands by her family, friends and is true to her platforms without writing those opposed off. She is aware that she serves her whole community not just a few who agree with her. She grasps the concept that to better the community she has to better the WHOLE community not just the people who agree with her political stance. What there is a politician out there with the ability to see a whole picture? Couldn’t be true?!

Another one of my huge issues which does touch a tad on corruption but not fully. Most politicians stop being human at some point and only live for their title. They start having their title define them and lose who they are. They are supposed to be citizens just like us. They are supposed to be available and understanding. We do have to do some work with it though. We have to tell them that they are needed and what we want to see happen. They are people just like us with things to do. They have a home life and work life. They have dinner that needs to be cooked and kids who need tended to, it is what makes them real. Once they forget what the real world is they stop representing us. My friend’s door is always open BUT at the end of the day she is a Mother of two and a wife first. She does what she can but can’t be everywhere at once. I personally believe she has gone above and beyond to assure her constituents she is there for them. She has never lost sight of whom she is and why she is where she is.

Today someone read her the riot act for not being on their street enough. Really? I would like to know if this member of the community ever picked up the phone and called her. What about shooting her an email asking for a meeting or minute? Writing an old fashion letter explaining the problem at hand and asking for help? How about going to a city council meeting and voicing ones thoughts? I am sure none of this was done. She is not psychic and only has 24 hours in a day like the rest of us. She does her job and our job as voters is to guide them and talk to them. We are just as responsible for our politician as they are responsible for us. We can not just be bumps on a log then whine and complain when they do not do what we expect.

We the people are just as much to blame for government as they are; remember we gave them their jobs. My friend is a great politician and once confronted admitted to her errors. On top of being there for her family, friends and community she can admit to being wrong??? HEY WASHINGON… take note of what this country really needs!

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